Taking this niche legal firm from unknown to an industry leader in less than 12 months

Deminor is an international litigation funder that operates in 15 different jurisdictions, helping businesses and investors to monetise legal claims. 

With a strong heritage in their industry, Deminor were preparing for their next phase of growth and wanted to transform their marketing to help them dramatically raise their brand awareness.

Having seen the quality of Deminor’s work, their new Head of Marketing knew that they could be industry leaders and set on a strategy to help them take on the biggest players in their industry.

Knowing they needed support to achieve this goal, we were brought in to act as an extension of Deminor’s marketing team, giving them the support to accelerate their marketing activity and create the content strategy that would help them achieve industry leader status.

Working closely with their in-house marketing team and the wider business, we helped them to build their content strategy, as well as managing and delivering all social content and marketing campaigns for them. As an outsourced partner we helped fill the gaps when and where they needed it, from creating social posts to producing promotional videos to delivering the content for their flagship annual report.

Thanks to our great work on their organic marketing, Deminor also handed over the reins to their paid social strategy, which we have leveraged to help them grow and reach a global audience. 

In just 12 months, our partnership has helped Deminor to increase their brand awareness and grow their followers by over 800%. In the past six months alone, we’ve helped them achieve over 250,000 LinkedIn impressions and 900 clicks to their website directly from social posts. 

Through our work together, Deminor are now seen as clear leaders in their industry – and they’re well on the way to becoming the number one litigation funder in Europe.



LinkedIn follower growth in 12 months


Impressions on paid social campaigns


LinkedIn impressions
in 6 months


Website visits from social in 6 months


New LinkedIn followers in 12 months

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Hear from Kevin Matthews, Head of Marketing at Deminor, on how we’ve helped them achieve their goals

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Delivering 800% LinkedIn growth for this niche legal firm

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