Episode 65 – Post-Lockdown Success: Creating ROI generating marketing that delivers results

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This is the third and final episode of our three-part series in collaboration with Garwood Solutions and Honeycomb PS.

In times like this you need to adapt and respond. The traditional consulting BD approach of meeting people for coffees isn’t an option and you have to do something different.

That’s where effective digital marketing comes in!

In this episode I explain how you can use digital marketing to help you respond to the current climate while setting your business up for long term success.

I take you through the exact framework we use with our clients to help them develop effective marketing strategies that deliver results and explain some of the tactics you should be using right now to help you generate new conversations for your business. We had a ton of great questions as part of this session and highly recommend listening to the end of show to get all of the content that we shared in this one.

Our 3 Pillars of Post-Lockdown Success webinar series was great fun to be a part of and I really enjoyed working with Rob and Deri to put it together. We got some great feedback from those who attended the live webinars and I hope you get just as much from the podcast versions too!

If you haven’t listened already, check out parts one and two of our Post-Lockdown series to continue the discussion about our remaining Pillars.

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