Episode 63 – Post-Lockdown Success: Renewing the V&P in your Value Proposition to accelerate your exit

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Today’s episode, or episodes should I say, is a first for this podcast and one I’m really excited to share with you

Last month, I teamed up with two of the industries leading experts to bring you a truly comprehensive series to explain what you need to focus on to help you succeed as we come out of Covid-19 and beyond.

Over three webinars, myself and my co-hosts, Rob Garner from Garwood Solutions and Deri Huges from Honeycomb PS shared the three elements that you need to focus on to set your business up for success.

If you’ve followed this podcast so far, or you’ve read our eBooks, you’ll know that at Create Engage we’re big fans of both collaboration and repurposing content. This series is an example of doing both of these things.

Now, back to the series.

If you’re currently building a consulting business, I suspect lockdown has thrown a spanner in your growth plans!

Regardless of whether you were looking to scale your business or on a path to sale, the current pandemic has at best set you back or at worst, left your business close to edge.

Fortunately, there is a way through – by focusing on the three pillars that you need to build the foundations of success for your consulting business post-lockdown.

This isn’t just one of those made up models that seem to be cropping up right now though. This is based on real world, real life experience, building on Rob’s own journey as a consulting entrepreneur, and someone who has built and sold multiple 8 figure consulting businesses To help you understand what you need to be focusing on to accelerate your business out of lockdown, I teamed up with Rob and Deri bring you a series dedicated to the three pillars that you need to be prioritising right now:

✅ Your Value Proposition
✅ Your Operations
✅ Your Marketing

In today’s episode Rob Garner explains the impact that Covid-19 is having on the growth, development and change of the professional services sector and what it means for you and your consulting business.

He walks through the implications for your business strategy and why you need to be focusing on your client value proposition right now if you want to set your business up for success and realise the growth target or exit you’re aiming for.

With all the uncertainty at the moment, I’m sure that you’ll get a lot of confidence and clarity from what Rob has to say.

You can find out more about Rob on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/garnerrobert/

You can find out more about Garwood Solutions at – https://garwoodsolutions.com/

Check out parts two and three of our Post-Lockdown series to continue the discussion about our remaining Pillars:

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