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“Its a very big mistake that a lot of Consultants make. Tthey focus too much on what they’re offering and not what their market and their clients actually want.”

Today’s guest is Michael Zipursky. Michael is the co-founder of ConsultingSuccess.com which provides training, guidance and mentoring to those looking to launch and scale their Consulting businesses.

Through their support Consulting Success has helped 1,000s of Consulting entrepreneurs grow their businesses – some by 6 and  7 figures – and Michael shares a number of these secrets in today’s episode.

Prior to launching Consulting Success Michael founded, grew and sold a number of Consulting business learning first hand what works and what doesn’t. This led him to launch Consulting Success, initially as a blog to share his own experience, before demand for his insight and advice led him to turn it in to a business.

Michael has also written a number of books on how to grow a successful consulting business including the best seller The Elite Consulting Mind and his most recent book Consulting Success: the Proven Guide to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Consulting Business

Michael was a great guest and we discuss some really interesting topics in today’s conversation including:

How Michael successfully grew his Consulting firm’s Japanese office from a standing start and his advice for others looking to expand internationally.

The biggest barriers that stop people scaling their Consulting businesses and how to overcome them.

Michael’s advice to those thinking about launching their own Consulting business and what you should consider before you do

and why it’s critical to get out from behind your laptop when growing your business and the common mistakes many people make in doing this.

I really enjoyed this conversation and it was great to get Michaels perspective from both his experience of running and growing his own businesses as well as his insights from having coached 1,000s of Consultants to achieve their own success.

You can find out more about Michael on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/zipursky/

You can find out more about Consulting Success at https://www.consultingsuccess.com/

Specific things we discuss in the show:

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracey – http://amzn.eu/d/370DEjj

The Elite Consulting Mind by Michael Zipursky – http://amzn.eu/d/cCAdzbm

Consulting Success by Michael Zipursky – http://amzn.eu/d/cwgze9g

Straight Line Leadership by Dusan Djukich – http://amzn.eu/d/hQlOVxg

Living The 80/20 Way by Richard Koch – http://amzn.eu/d/7INSq0M

Michael’s Consulting Blueprint – https://www.consultingsuccess.com/consultants-success-blueprint

What we talk about:

00:04:52 – Michaels background and how he got to where he is today.

00:07:11 – How Michael successfully grew his firm’s Japanese office from a standing start.

00:10:40 – How to strategically build business relationships to help grow your business.

00:14:46 – Why Michael chose to contact the people he did when first moving to Japan to launch his office out there and why this was critical to his early success.

00:21:11 – The importance of mindset when starting your own Consulting business and the key questions you should ask yourself before going out on your own.

00:30:38 – Why you should go out and speak to prospective clients before you have an intro deck.

00:35:16 – Michael’s advice on how to effectively market your Consulting business and the importance of finding the right balance of direct outreach and authority building.

00:52:05 – Why Technology could be holding your business back and Michael’s advice on what you should be focusing on instead.

00:56:59 – How you can find out more about Michael’s training, coaching programmes and books.

01:00:00 – Michael’s book recommendations.

01:02:10 – Michael’s closing advice for you whether you’re just starting out in Consulting, In the middle grades or approaching Partner level.

01:09:37 – How to get in touch with Michael.

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