Episode 107: Narrative, The Secret To Growing A $6 Billion Consulting Business

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In the latest episode of Climb into Consulting, Nick is joined by Lawrence Hutter, Senior Advisor to Quick Release and Alvarez & Marsal, and Chairman of the Brand Experience Group.

You don’t often meet many people who have ‘done it all’, but Lawrence certainly has!

Lawrence has spent his career building successful consulting businesses in the fast-paced consumer goods industry. From building his own consultancy, The Customer Group, to running Deloitte’s $6 billion dollar global consumer practice, which he grew threefold during his time at the helm.

After retiring for only four days, Lawrence was contacted by Alvarez & Marsal, a conversation which led to him launching their European corporate transformation practice. A practice that Lawrence and the team grew into a €100m business.

Having since moved into a portfolio career, Lawrence now splits his focus between his main passions of tackling the climate change crisis and working alongside organisations to help them build and externalise their organisational narratives.

During this fascinating conversation, Nick and Lawrence explore many of the secrets to his impressive career so far. They discuss the key lessons he’s learnt from launching and growing multiple consultancies, including:

– How Lawrence was able to get his own consulting business off the ground at a time when boutique consultancies were anything but the norm.

– How Lawrence was able to grow Deloitte’s global consumer practice so quickly and the key strategies that helped him, that you can use to scale your own business.

– And the importance of narrative, what it is, why it’s so powerful and how it can be used effectively to help you grow your consultancy.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur building the business plan for your consultancy, or the leader of a global business, looking for advice on how to take your practice to the next level, this conversation is one you’ll find extremely valuable.


Reach out to Lawrence: www.linkedin.com/in/lawrence-hutter-7078b61/

Learn more about Quick Release: www.quickrelease.co.uk/

Check out the Brand Experience Group: brandexperience-group.com/

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