How can your consultancy thrive in the new hybrid world? That’s the question we answered in our recent webinar series with Garwood Solutions and Explore Consulting.

The challenges of Covid restrictions and lockdowns have accelerated us towards a hybrid working world. That shift is here to stay. You may have grown during the pandemic but if you want your consultancy to continue prospering, it needs to adapt to that reality.

While the pandemic is subsiding, your clients aren’t heading back to the office in a hurry. Meaning you need to evolve your marketing or risk losing out to competitors who are.

In the final webinar of our 3-part series, our very own Nick Synnott explained how to create an effective marketing strategy that cuts through the noise and lets you reach your target clients in our new hybrid world.

He covered key topics, including:

• Why it’s time to start thinking differently about your marketing.

• How to effectively engage potential new clients in this hybrid world.

• And practical examples of tools and approaches you can use to improve your marketing straight away.

If you’re wrestling with how to effectively market your consultancy when most of your clients are working remotely, this webinar is a must-watch!

This webinar is part of a series alongside Rob Garner of Garwood Solutions and Deri Hughes of Explore Consulting. You’ll get killer insights to help your firm turbo-charge growth in a hybrid world.

To watch now, click the link below: