You wouldn’t bake a beautiful cake and keep it all for yourself, would you? But when it comes to creating excellent content, that’s often exactly what happens. Consultancies like yours go to the trouble of putting together carefully curated blogs, whitepapers or webinars, before leaving them to languish in the backwaters of your website where none of your target clients can see it.

But you’re missing a big trick. Because the content you create can play a crucial part in growing your business. Distributed widely and with the right audience – whether through engaging social posts, as part of a monthly newsletter or shared directly with a strong personal network – it can increase the awareness of your firm, attract potential clients and most importantly, it can generate leads.

Put simply, you should be doing everything you can to amplify your content, and there are numerous ways you can do this…

Use all available channels

When you create great content, above all things, you need to ensure you get as many eyes on it as you can. That means looking at all of the channels that your consultancy uses and distributing your content appropriately.

It might be that it carries enough weight to warrant being sent out as a stand-alone email. Or at the very least, posted as an article on your company LinkedIn page. Then look at other social channels – put together some simple tweets, post a link on Facebook. There might be an industry forum that would react well to the piece.

The key is to use every available outlet, to ensure your work engages with as many people – and prospective clients – as possible.

Engage your team and their personal networks

If you have a big team, everybody in your team should be sharing your content and sending it to their own contacts. They’re your sounding board, the network that will reach your buyers. Your team should be engaging with the content, tagging people who may be interested in it or relevant to it, commenting on it, generating conversation – ultimately giving it life. And even if you create a blog post that doesn’t link to anything, it can still have impact if your team shares it. Because it demonstrates expertise, it gets you involved in what’s happening, and it will paint your consultants as passionate, open and trustworthy.

This is essentially where you can use your content to drive engagement, discussions and new business development conversations – ultimately giving you the value that you’ve spent your time and money to achieve.

Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose

Be creative in how you share your content, and never let it die. Unless it’s a topical blog post or webinar that exists only in the moment, it can be used as evergreen content that is always relevant to the industry.

So, in the short term, think about ways to repurpose it. Perhaps you can create an audiogram, using a particularly interesting segment of a webinar to spark conversation. You can use a quote from a whitepaper to ensure your work is amplified even more.

And in the long term, don’t forget your work. Be aware of the content you have in your locker, because such is the cyclical nature of so many industries, that it may never stop being relevant.

Be ready to dust it down and repurpose for a fresh audience.  

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