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In today’s episode I speak to Ian Price, the leading sales expert , performance psychologist and author.

Ian is a CEO-turned business psychologist specialising in helping organisations both develop effective sales processes and build the mental toughness needed to achieve it.

Having previously worked in consultancy and in a number of executive roles across the telecoms and technology industries, Ian has become an expert in selling and business development. Specialising in helping professional services businesses improve their own internal sales capability.

This is an episode I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Sales is often seen as a ‘dirty’ word in consulting but it’s a key skill for anyone who has ambitions to get to Partner

In the increasingly competitive business world, the ability to sell is essential for success. However, sales can often be an intimidating task for consultants so it’s great to have professionals such as Ian to help take that fear away and provide a fresh approach to selling.

During our conversation we discuss a number of topics that will help you improve your selling including:

  • The difference between zero sum and positive sum selling and how it can help you get over your fear of selling.
  • Ian’s practical advice for building an effective lead pipeline – even from a standing start.
  • And the processes and systems you can use to help supercharge your selling, whether you’re running a whole firm, running a practice or just trying to sell more yourself.

It was great to meet with Ian and hear his thought-provoking views on how best to approach the often-daunting task of selling. I hope you enjoy today’s episode and that Ian’s advice will encourage you to develop your own effective sales process, boost your own business development pipeline and help you to grow your career.

You can find out more about Ian on LinkedIn –

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Specific things we discuss in the show:

  • To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink –
  • Rethinking the Extraverted Sales Ideal: The Ambivert Advantage – a study by Adam Grant –
  • The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon
  • Mindset by Carol Dweck –
  • Head Start by Ian Price –