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In this week’s episode, Nick chats with Phil Rolfe, UK Managing Partner at Valcon.

Regular listeners to this podcast will know that we centre the discussion on the various routes our guests’ careers have taken, in order to highlight the endless possibilities and permutations offered by a career in consulting.

Phil’s journey is a really interesting one. After qualifying and earning his stripes as an Accountant, a chance meeting resulted in a role with KPMG. During his time at the Big 4 firm, Phil worked on the NatWest/RBS integration, which then led to a job offer from RBS. 

Phil’s 11 years with the banking giant saw him scale his team from 100 to 2000, and develop a brand new specialism in financial crime. 

Ready for his next adventure, Phil left RBS to set up his own firm, FS101. Before long, he was approached by P2 Consulting, who bought part of his company, before making Phil CEO of the whole firm. In December 2021, they were acquired by Valcon, with Phil as UK Managing Partner.

With such a wide range of experiences gained from his diverse and varied career path, it will come as no surprise that Phil has tons of valuable advice to offer – and it’s sure to resonate, no matter where you are on your own career journey. 

Nick and Phil dive into some fascinating topics in this episode, including…

  • The decision to move from consulting to an industry role – and why any consultant should consider spending some time in industry
  • The importance of recognising when you’re not the smartest person in the room – and knowing when to rely on the expertise of the people around you
  • How scaling a team to 500 (and then 2000!) people informed Phil’s leadership style and approach  
  • The value of being open to opportunities and saying yes to new experiences

…and much more besides.

In fact, there’s so much content in this episode, it’s almost impossible to summarise! Suffice to say, if you’re starting out on your own consultancy career, thinking of making the leap from consulting to industry, or simply enjoy listening to epic success stories, you’ll love this episode of Climb in Consulting.  

We hope you enjoy the show!

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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful, by Marshall Goldsmith