Episode 89: Starting Up and Scaling Up A Digital Consultancy With MMT Digital CEO Ben Rudman

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In today’s episode of Climb In Consulting Nick talks to the brilliant and inspiring Ben Rudman, co-founder and CEO of MMT Digital.

Ben jumped straight into business with a friend after graduating from university. After a steady start, they decided to take it up a gear, and over that time MMT has gone from strength to strength. Evolving from an educational CD Rom business to a leading digital consultancy, working with impressive list of corporate clients.

It’s a truly fascinating journey, which Ben admits has involved plenty of missteps on the way to success.

In this conversation, Nick and Ben delve deeper into the up and downs of building a business at such a young age and how MMT has grown into an organisation of more than 200 people.

They covered a wide range of topics including:

– How the company accelerated over the past decade from a relatively small agency into the large digital consultancy it is today.

– How they were able to attract top talent from their base in Uppingham, a small town not known for its tech industry.

– And how the team’s passionate belief in doing business the right way has fuelled their drive for B-Corp status.

Whether you’re keen to establish your own start-up consultancy, understand how to bring brilliant people onboard or are looking at ways to scale up your firm, Ben has a huge amount of knowledge you can learn from.

We really enjoyed the conversation and think you will too. So, if you can, please do take a moment to listen.

Get in touch with Ben at – www.linkedin.com/in/benrudman/

Find out more about MMT Digital at – www.mmtdigital.co.uk/

Specific things discussed in the show

The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries – amzn.to/3kNbVSl

Alive At Work by Daniel Cable – amzn.to/3zNgXCN

Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed – bit.ly/3F0S0rp

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