Episode 58 – Marketing Through Covid-19

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Today’s episode is a bonus episode intended to help you with your marketing during the current Covid-19 lockdown.

We’ve been running a number of webinars all about how you can and should be using marketing right now and have received some great feedback on them.

As not everyone who listens to the show is able to join these, we wanted to share the recording of one of the recent webinars we ran where Nick give you the exact marketing strategy framework that we use with our clients and share the tools and tactics that you should be using right now to effectively market to your target clients and fill your BD hopper back up for when the current lockdown ends.

This webinar is packed full of helpful insights and advice and if you want more detail on anything we discuss in this episode, you can find it in our new eBook that we’ve just released on the same topic. Go to createengage.co.uk/covid-19 to get your copy.

Now as this was a webinar, there is a little bit of preamble as people join the call but stick with it. After a short intro we dive in to the detail and cover everything you need to be thinking about right now to help your consulting firm.

We hope you enjoy it!

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