What do you want to be famous for? This is the question we ask all our new consulting clients.

When people hear your name, what do you want them to associate it with?

In terms of digital marketing, your answer will shape everything that comes afterwards. That’s why it sits at the top of our marketing framework, which you can take a look at here.

From this piece of information, you’ll be able to define other key elements of your online marketing such as your target audience, what challenges they have and what type of content you should produce.  

As the world and your clients reset following the pandemic, both becoming even more dominated by digital communication and remote working, it’s a crucial question to consider.

Go out and find your niche

So many consultancies start by saying “we have great people, we have great projects, we do transformation, and we’ve won loads of awards”. But none of those are unique. Every one of your competitors says the same. So instead, focus on what makes you different.

You could have a different methodology, you could have a unique approach, or it could be something around your branding that’s completely original. If you’re reading this and thinking – ”well we’re not the biggest, we don’t have a unique methodology or approach, so how can I stand out?“ there’s a simple answer – niche down.

Dig down into what you do and find an area where you can say you’re the best, the biggest or at the very least you have a strong track record in.

For example, if you’re a ‘transformation’ consultancy, you’re going to be stuck in the middle. There are hundreds of these. But by niching down, say to a sub sector within the work you do or an element of the transformation process, you can become distinct.

It may be that you specialise in the energy industry and that the area you have the most knowledge is actually in how to transition a project from Change to BAU. That right there is a niche.

So instead of being “A leading transformation consultancy” like everyone else, you’re now: “The BAU transition specialists, helping energy companies embed change and deliver benefit from it.”

That small shift in focus takes you from the middle of the pack to the leader in the field, and that’s the best place to be! This “super specific” approach also works at a campaign level and when you’re revising your entire marketing strategy.

Bringing home the benefits

By defining your USP in specific terms you’ll be on the journey to becoming known as the go-to people for that particular niche.  

with just a little bit of extra thought you’ll have shifted from ‘me too’ to ‘the go to’ and other benefits will flow from this, such as:

  • Your marketing will have edge. There is a lot of marketing noise out there and much of it sounds the same, your message will cut through because it speaks to the needs of your audience at a time when so many industries are in flux.

  • Your content will be focussed. As we mentioned earlier, defining what you want to be famous for is the first step in our marketing framework. It is your leaping off point to create a range of content that highlights the skills you have, that will help you deliver your USP.

  • And you’ll create value. Your content will answer the questions your audience is asking. In itself this is valuable and may help a company develop their own solutions, but it will also demonstrate the value engaging your consultancy will bring.

In short, identifying your USP opens the door to an effective marketing strategy, which is why it’s the best place to start your thinking.

We’ll discuss the next steps in our marketing framework in later blogs, so keep an eye out for those. Until then, why not take a moment to think about what your consultancy is brilliant at and whether this is truly reflected in your marketing.

If you’re struggling to define your USPs and how to make them a central part of your digital marketing, we’d love to help you. So to read more on how to grow your consultancy successfully in the hybrid world, take a look at our eBook ‘No Meetings, No Problem’ here.