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Our guest on the latest episode of Climb in Consulting has an incredibly inspiring – and cinematic – story to tell. Since 2022, Paul Pugh has been CEO at Mason Advisory, an award-winning digital and technology consultancy that solves complex business challenges through intelligent use of IT.

Skipping back a few years, Paul had been firmly on the partner track at KPMG when he found himself boarding a train he was never supposed to take. On board, a chance meeting led to an offer that would go on to change the course of his career.

It was thanks to this ‘sliding doors moment’, that he ended up taking a director role at Mason Advisory, which back in 2016 was still a fledgling firm. 

In this episode, Nick and Paul have an in-depth chat about his career, how Mason Advisory has scaled, and of course *that* train encounter.  

As well as all that, they also cover a whole host of fascinating topics, including:

  • What led to Paul’s decision to jump off the partner track at KPMG and take a leap into the unknown
  • The importance of finding a role that allows you to stay true to your values
  • How the team at Mason Advisory scaled the business, despite the challenging times
  • Why he’s a big believer in giving people opportunities to flourish – and why we tend to learn the most during times of crisis

Whether you’re just starting out in your consulting career, planning to start a new firm, or thinking of switching tracks in your career, this episode is a must listen.  

We hope you enjoy the show!

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Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins