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For this episode of Climb in Consulting, we’re shaking the format up a little. 

Yes, we’re turning the tables, as our very own Nick Synnott joins Neil Sharp CCXP, PEN’s Marketing & Proposition Director, and Ben Edwards, Head of Partnerships at CMap, to explore the remarkable 4-year marketing journey that PEN has been on with Create Engage.

Having started with a limited brand presence and minimal content, PEN has steadily built their brand and marketing presence over the last four years and now boasts a sophisticated marketing function rivalling the Big Four. 

We’re proud to say that Create Engage has been there for every step of the journey, helping PEN to build their marketing strategy from the ground up and continuing to support the team today.

In this in-depth discussion, Nick, Neil, and Ben discuss the journey that PEN’s marketing has been on and offer practical advice on how to build an effective brand and marketing strategy that will support your consulting firm’s growth or acquisition goals.

This frank and fascinating conversation covers an awful lot of ground, including:

  • Why brand should be a significant lever in differentiating your consulting firm’s proposition
  • How you can build an effective marketing strategy that gives you the ROI you want without breaking the bank
  • Why empowering staff to take ownership of marketing can reap huge rewards
  • Where you should focus your efforts when building your marketing operating model
  • The reason PEN did all of this with an outsourced marketing partner, rather than hiring an in-house marketing team.

Whether you’re looking to scale your consulting firm, plan your exit, or simply want to ramp up your marketing, this episode will give you the insights you need to build an effective brand and marketing approach that will support your goals.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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