Episode 95: Hybrid Operations: How to sustain growth in 2022

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Recently we took part in a webinar series exploring how your consultancy can thrive in a hybrid world. This episode of Climb In Consulting is the first of that three-part series.

Each episode will step away from our usual interview format, bringing together our regular host, Nick, and industry experts Rob Garner of Garwood Solutions and Deri Hughes of Explore Consulting. They’ll use their expertise to discuss the three issues that are causing consulting firms the most pain right now – Operations, Recruitment and Marketing.

Across the series they explore the challenges and opportunities that are emerging. And answer some perceptive questions from the audience. To kick off, Rob leads a discussion about how your consultancy can continue to growing in 2022.

How we live and work has shifted dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic and many of those changes are here to stay. A vital element of success is making sure your operations are fit for this altered economic landscape.

During this episode we’ll dig into how the past two years have accelerated change for your clients and what this means for your consultancy and the services it provides. We’ll cover key themes, including:

• How the pandemic has shifted the operational paradigm and what your consultancy needs to do to respond.

• What the fundamentals of consultancy growth are in a hybrid world.

• And how you can lay the foundations that will sustain growth over the coming years.

With decades of experience building and advising consultancies like yours, Rob will share the real-world insights you need to navigate your firm through this time.

We think it’s a conversation you’ll want to hear so please do take a moment to listen.

Get in touch with Rob, Deri or Nick here:

Rob Garner – www.linkedin.com/in/garnerrobert

Deri Hughes – www.linkedin.com/in/derihughes

Nick Synnott – www.linkedin.com/in/nicksynnott

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