Episode 94: Start Ups, Mentors and Acquisitions With Rob Chapman, CEO of Founders Intelligence

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In the latest episode of Climb in Consulting Nick talks to the founder and CEO of Founders Intelligence, Rob Chapman. The entrepreneur powered consultancy that helps clients to identify and seize the next billion-pound opportunities that are emerging in their industries.

Having begun his career in the start-up world, Rob moved in to consulting with PwC, wanting to build those core consulting skills that many young professionals want to learn.

But his early days in start-ups had ignited a passion in him, and it was a chance introduction to one of his now longstanding mentors that led to the idea of a consultancy that helped large corporates grow through entrepreneurial growth.

It was this idea that led to Founders intelligence, and at the age of just 26 he launched the business with his co-founders, Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane-Fox, on a mission to help companies unlock their potential by thinking and acting like entrepreneurs.

In this conversation Rob and Nick explore a range of fascinating topics critical to the Founders Intelligence Journey, including:

– Why mentorship is critical to career success and how mentors have played a vital role in Rob’s journey, from the decision to launch Founders Intelligence to how he and the team have evolved the business over the last 8 years.

– The powerful career advice that helped Rob and his leadership team take Founders Intelligence from a start up to a global team approaching 50 people and how you can use it to accelerate your own career.

– And how partnering with Accenture will help Founders Intelligence to accelerate its mission and help more corporates grow through entrepreneurial growth.

Whether you’re looking to grow your own career through the power of mentorship, or you want to know how you can build your consultancy through entrepreneurial growth, you’ll get so much from this conversation.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Get in touch with Rob at: www.linkedin.com/in/robertianchapman

Find out more about Founders Intelligence at: www.foundersintelligence.com

Specific things discussed in the show:

Wendell Berry – The Peace Of Wild Things https://bit.ly/3pKIuBR

John Berger – A Fortunate Man https://bit.ly/3093CJ6

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