Episode 90: The Secrets To Starting Your Own Consultancy

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In today’s episode of Climb In Consulting we’re trying something new. Something a little different that we hope you’re going to really enjoy.

We’re big believers in the Tony Robbins quote that “success leaves clues” and we’ve learned so many of these clues from guests of the show, whether they were solo consultants, partners in big firms or consulting entrepreneurs.

In the early days of Create Engage the advice and inspiration we took from our guests really helped when the going got tough and having had Nick speak with many listeners, we know that you really value these stories too. So today, we’ve taken a different tack and created a themed episode all about how to start your own consultancy.

It brings together valuable sections from previous podcast guests, so that all their insights are in one place. In this episode you’ll hear from:

Dom Moorhouse of Moorhouse

Suki Thompson of Oystercatchers

Simon Dennis of Gate One

Hannah Farrar of Carnall Farrar

Stephen Newton of Elixirr

Olly Purnell and Sharon Rice-Oxley of Q5

Listening back to these conversations reminded us just how valuable we’ve found all their advice and we’re sure you will too.

Whether you’re looking to strike out on your own or build a practice in an established firm using the same fundamental start-up principles, we know this episode is going to give you a huge amount of advice you can put to good use.

So, please do enjoy today’s entrepreneur-inspired episode of climb in consulting.

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