Episode 78 – Career Advice From The Best In The Business – Round Four

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For regular listeners to the show, you’ll know what this episode is about, but for those of you who are new or have only started listening recently, let us give you a little explanation. 

Every few months we like to take a break the usual format of the podcast and give you something slightly different. That’s where the idea for this episode came from.

Our guests give so much great advice and nowhere is this truer than in their answers to the very last question that we ask in each interview. What one piece of advice would you give to someone just starting their career in consulting, someone at Manager level and someone approaching Partner.

We love hearing both the similarities and differences in advice and know that many of you do too.

But scrolling through multiple episodes to find this great advice at the end can be tedious and that’s why we bring them together, into these advice round up episodes.

Today you will hear from a whole host of guests from the last 6 months of Climb In Consulting. They’ve come from a range of backgrounds, a range of different consultancies and all have some really unique insights to share, and in this episode we bring them together.

In this episode you’ll hear advice from:

Mike NewloveWavestone

James CallanderFreshminds

Tricia NelsonEY

Jeff CronkshawLanciaConsult

Jeff DillVynamic

Gemma PfisterVynamic

Professor Joe O’MahoneyConsulting Mastered

Tara LajumokeFT Strategies

Simon WilliamsDMW Group

Dean TaylorIMD Group

David StoddardBarnett Waddingham

We always love listening back to these round up episodes as it reminds us just how much great advice our guests share and we know you’ll get a ton from listening to it. We hope you enjoy!

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