Episode 70 – A graduate’s guide to a career in consulting

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This is a special episode for two reasons: firstly, this marks the 70th episode of Climb In Consulting a huge milestone and one that we have to say a big thank you to you, our listeners for. Without you this show wouldn’t have even got off the ground! And secondly, this week we bring you a slightly different type of episode. Instead of my usual interviews, this episode is a panel discussion all about how you can start your career in consulting.

We’re a huge believer in broadening the reach of our industry and helping those who may not know about consulting or may have misconceptions about what it is and what it isn’t. So, when we were asked by Deri Hughes to chair this panel on behalf of Explore Consulting we was so excited. We knew this was going to be an amazing opportunity to bring you advice from some brilliant consultants and ex-consultants who are doing great things, know all about our industry and could provide an honest and in-depth insight into the world of consulting.

For this session we were joined by a fantastic panel who brought such refreshing and honest perspectives to the discussion. In this episode you’ll hear from:

Tamsin Chislett, Co-Founder and CEO at Onloan

Harriette Foster, Social Impact Investment Manager at Impetus

Darren Ashby, Partner at businessfourzero

Julianne Ilebode-Akisanya, General Manager at ENT UK

In this conversation our panellists dig into what it’s really like to work in consulting, the benefits that it’s given them and some of the challenges you need to consider too.

They also answer a range of questions from people like you, giving their take on the topics that graduates and those looking to make their first move in to consulting really want to know about.

We had a great time chairing this session and we’re really pleased to be able to share it as part of this podcast.

If you’re at university right now and currently considering your career options or you’re early on in your career and considering a move in to consulting, we know you’ll find this episode extremely valuable.

To find out more about the panellists, follow the links below:

Tamsin Chislett – www.linkedin.com/in/tamsinchislett/
Onloan – onloan.co/

Harriette Foster – www.linkedin.com/in/harriette-foster/
Impetus – impetus.org.uk/

Darren Ashby – www.linkedin.com/in/darrenashby/
Businessfourzero – businessfourzero.com/

Julianne Ilebode-Akisanya – www.linkedin.com/in/julianne-ileb…isanya-11356324/
ENT UK – www.entuk.org/
Teach First – www.teachfirst.org.uk/

To find out more about Explore Consulting visit their website – www.exploreconsulting.careers

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