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In today’s episode I speak with Jeff Cronkshaw, Founder and Group Managing Director of LanciaConsult. The rapidly growing multinational consulting firm with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and here in the UK.

I got to know Jeff through one of my previous guests; A former boss, mentor and role model of his who he’d heard on this podcast. Jeff and I had a few conversations, he shared his story and hearing the journey he’s been on with LanciaConsult, I knew he’d make a great guest for the show.

There are many things in Jeff’s story that are unique and firsts for Climb In Consulting. He’s had a truly global career and has spent half of his working life in Asia, where he and his wife founded LanciaConsult. Not content with simply starting a consulting business based in Singapore, Jeff and his wife set out to launch a global business and have deliberately focused on growing their geographic footprint over growing within one specific region. Something that no other guest that I’ve interviewed to date has done.

In today’s episode we dig into the Lancia story, and talk about what it’s like to grow a global business from day one and all of the challenges and complexities that come with it. We cover so much ground in this conversation, including:

  • Why Jeff and his wife decided to move to Singapore in the first place and his advice for anyone thinking of making a similar move.
  • The LanciaConsult journey, how Jeff and the team have successfully grown the business across multiple regions so quickly and the lessons he’s learnt from the last 8 years of building the firm.
  • And Jeff’s top questions for anyone thinking of going out on their own. What you need to ask yourself, and what you should talk about with your life partner, especially if you’re thinking of going into business together.

This was a great conversation and one that I really enjoyed. Jeff was kind enough to make the trip to our office in Bath for a real, live, in person, socially distant interview. It made for a great conversation, a great dinner afterwards and so much great advice for you to learn from.

With 2021 fast approaching, if you’re currently thinking about new years resolutions and have moving abroad or starting your own consulting business on your bucket list, then I know you’ll get a ton from this conversation.

You can get in touch with Jeff at – https://www.linkedin.com/in/cronkshaw/

Visit LanciaConsult at – https://www.lanciaconsult.com/

Specific things we discussed in the show:

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