Episode 64 – Post-Lockdown Success: Building Flexibility & Control in your consulting firm’s operations

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In the second of our three part series looking at what consulting leaders like you need to be focusing on to achieve post-lockdown success, Deri Hughes, founder of Honeycomb PS walks you through the exact frameworks he uses with his clients to create highly scalable, flexible and controllable operations functions.

When it comes to operations, there’s two key areas to focus on: Flexibility and Control. Flexibility on costs, to respond to changing client needs, and to capture opportunities that present themselves. Control to manage the risks to your business – cashflow, people and clients.

In this episode Deri explains:

  • How to identify the critical capabilities that you need in the new world
  • The proven ways to build Flexibility and Control into your operating model
  • The digital tools that you can deploy quickly, at low cost, to deliver immediate impact

I hope you enjoy today’s episode and that Deri’s advice will help you to develop your own effective operations strategy as life returns back to normal

You can find out more about Deri on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/derihughes/

You can find out more about Honeycomb PS at – https://www.honeycombps.co.uk/

If you missed part one of our Post-Lockdown Success series: ‘Renewing the V&P in your Value Proposition to accelerate your exit’, be sure to check it out here.

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