Episode 62 – Career Advice From The Best In The Business – Round Three

Episode 62 - Career Advice

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For regular listeners to the show you’ll know that alongside the interviews from inspirational leaders in our field I like to mix it up and give you a range of different types of episodes to listen to.

Early on in the series I shared a recap episode, bringing together the career advice from all of my guests up to that point.

That episode proved so popular I decided to make it a regular feature on the show. Gathering up my guests answers to the last question that I ask in every interview. To give you a comprehensive guide to help you on your career, whether you’re just starting out, in the middle grades, or approaching partner.

Today’s episode is round 3 of advice from the best in the business. Where my guests from the last 9 months give you their answer to a simple yet powerful question. What one piece of advice would give to each of the following three people, one just starting out in their career, one around manager and one who’s approaching Partner.

In today’s episode you’ll hear the answer to this question from: 

And my own answers to these questions that I shared in episode 50.

I’ve personally found the answers that my guests give to this question hugely helpful in my own career and I’m sure you’ll get a ton out of them too.

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