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Today’s guest is Hannah Farrar, Chief Executive of Carnall Farrar, the specialist management consultancy dedicated to the healthcare industry.

Hannah has recently been recognised as one of the top 100 women in healthcare leadership, so naturally I couldn’t wait to sit down with her for this interview and explore her incredible career journey.

Following a successful career in the NHS, Hannah and her co-founder Ruth Carnall decided that the time was right to strikeout on their own and set about launching Carnall Farrar, or CF as it’s now known.

Launching your own business is a daunting enough prospect but even more so when you’re a single mother with two young children to support. Something we go in to detail on in today’s show.

Since starting the firm over 7 years ago, CF has gone from strength to strength, growing from just the co-founders in to a firm of over 70 consultants working across health care and life sciences.

If that wasn’t enough, alongside her packed schedule running CF, Hannah is also a member of the Kings Fund General Advisory Council, a non-executive director for Lantum and co-author of the book Healthcare for London: Reflections on Leadership,
Lessons and Legacy.

We cover a huge amount of ground in today’s conversation and there’s a ton of valuable insights for you in this one, including:

  • Why and how Hannah made the leap from a successful career in the NHS to launch Carnall Farrar and her key lessons for anyone thinking of doing the same.
  • Hannah’s candidate experience of growing a business as a working mother and her advice for other parents out there, on how to achieve the often-difficult balance of creating both a successful career and a successful home life.
  • And the unique obstacles that women face in the consulting sector and Hannah’s take on what the industry needs to do to overcome them; both for junior consultants climbing the ranks as well as for senior leaders running their own consulting firms.

As we recorded this earlier in the year, Covid-19 is actually the one topic we don’t speak about, but as I know many of you are getting tired of hearing about it I’m sure that’ll be music to your ears.

That said, given the current environment, we couldn’t be releasing today’s interview with Hannah at a more appropriate time and it was fantastic to get her perspective from being on the front line of change and transformation in healthcare.

If you’re a working parent yourself, thinking of moving into healthcare, or considering starting up your own consulting business as a result of the current economic situation then this episode is a must-listen.

You can find out more about Hannah on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-farrar/?originalSubdomain=uk or Twitter https://twitter.com/hannahjfarrar?lang=en.

You can find out more about Carnall Farrar at – https://www.carnallfarrar.com/

Specific things we discuss in the show:

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