Episode 59 – Marketing For Consultancies – My Interview For Sales For Startups

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Today’s episode is taken from an interview that Nick recently did for Sales For Start Ups as part of their fantastic interview series.

This series, hosted by their founder James Ker-Reid explores many of the key topics that anyone launching their own business needs to think about.

Much like we do for climb in consulting, James interviews leaders from various fields to share their insights and experience with his audience. Giving them advice on everything from Fund Raising and Accountancy through to Sales and Marketing.

As you probably guessed, James asked if Nick would take part in the series to share his advice on marketing for consultancy businesses.

In this conversation, Nick share much of the advice that we’re giving to clients day in day out. He explains the Create Engage philosophy, our approach to marketing and give you our top tips for what you should be doing right now to help you create effective marketing that generates ROI. 

As James’s series is targeted at start ups more generally, there is a little bit of build up at the start about what we mean by consultants and how that relates to the start up world. But as you’ll hear, after a short intro, Nick and James quickly dive in to some really important points that are critical for you if you’re looking to grow your consulting business.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode!

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