Episode 55 – Alex Gurr – Baringa Partners

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One of the great things about running this podcast is I get to speak to inspiring leaders in our industry to get their inside track on what it takes to succeed in consulting.

I try to interview guests on this show that I look up to and know others do too, so it was great to have a chance to interview one of my old mentors. Someone who taught me so much about consulting and who’s career has gone from strength to strength since I worked for him.

Today I go back to my old consultancy to interview Alex Gurr, Partner and Head of Insurance at Baringa Partners.

I worked closely with Alex on a number of projects during my time there and learnt a ton from him. Over the last five years, Alex has gone from junior partner to Head of Insurance, and working with his fellow partners has grown the insurance team from around 15 when I left to over 50 of them now.

There’s so many things that I’d always wanted to ask Alex, to find out how he did what he did and how he’d been so successful. It was great to get the chance to sit down with him and go in to detail on many of these topics for the podcast .

We cover a whole host of things in todays conversation and there’s so much valuable insight for you including:

  • How Alex turned a series of fortunate opportunities in to a successful career and his advice for you if you’re looking to climb to the top of the consulting ladder.
  • How Alex’s upbringing influenced his approach to leadership and the values that he sees as key for any successful leader.
  • And the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in consulting; what senior consulting leaders need to think about when it comes to D&I and what Baringa are doing to promote diversity and inclusion across their business.

I really enjoyed going back to Baringa to speak with Alex. It’s been almost 5 years since I left and, while it only feels like yesterday, it’s been great seeing how the business and the insurance practice has grown in that time. Alex has a ton to share and this interview was a chance for us to sit down and get some of the great insights that I benefited from when I was at Baringa out there for all of you to hear.

You can find out more about Alex on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-gurr-8ab82310/

You can find out more about Baringa Partners at https://www.baringa.com/en/

Specific things we talked about during the show:

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