Episode 49 – How to create your own industry leading podcast

How to create your own industry leading podcast - Climb in Consulting Podcast

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Today’s episode is one that I’ve been meaning to record for almost a year!

Since starting the podcast I’ve had so many people ask me about how to launch their own podcast and my top tips from almost 50 episodes of Climb in Consulting.

To answer these questions and help you if you’re thinking of launching your own podcast I recorded today’s episode.

In today’s show I walk you through the exact process you’ll want to follow if you’re thinking of launching your own podcast including:

  • How to develop your own USP and a podcast that will appeal to your target niche.
  • How to get yourself a killer guest list that people will want to listen to.
  • Everything you need to know about the technical side of producing a podcast and the tools you can use to do it all for free.
  • And the most important part of all, successfully launching your podcast and making a splash – This is the exact strategy I followed to get in to the iTunes top 100 business charts when I launched Climb In Consulting.

I hope you take a ton away from today’s episode and feel inspired to launch your own podcast!

if it’s already on your new year’s resolutions list let me know. I’d love to support you and share your show when you launch.

If you’re looking for any of the links i reference in the show you’ll find them below, just scroll down.

Specific things I mention in the show:

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