Episode 46 – Career Advice From The Best In The Business – Round two

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For regular listeners you’ll now that I ask my guests the same question at the end of each episode of Climb In Consulting. I find these answers hugely beneficial for my own career and I know that many of you do too.

Earlier in the series I did a recap episode where I distilled all of my guests advice in to one, consise, episode. Last time I did this it got some great feedback so I wanted to do it again to give you a second dose of career advice from some of the best in our industry.

As a recap, or for those of you who may not have listened to any of my other interviews before, the question that these guests are answering asks for one piece of advice for three different people:

The first is someone who’s just starting their career in Consulting – anywhere from 0 to 2 years in.

The second is for someone ‘in the middle’ of their Consulting career – 4 – 6 years in to Consulting.

The third is for someone who’s approaching Partner or considering going out on their own to create their own business.

In today’s episode you’ll hear from:

There are so many great pieces of advice in this episode and some really interesting common themes and principles that have helped my guests get to the top. I hope you enjoy it.

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