Episode 15 – The secret to building a successful Consulting business – Dom Moorhouse Round 2

Dom Moorhouse - Climb in Consulting Podcast

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Following the success of his last interview Dom Moorhouse is back on the podcast for Round 2!

For those of you who may have missed the first episode Dom Moorhouse is a business advisor, angel investor and serial entrepreneur. In 2004 Dom founded Moorhouse Consulting which he grew from nothing to a business that he sold for c.20,000,000 less than 5 years later. You can listen to Dom’s first interview here –

If you’ve listened to his first interview you’ll know he credits much of his success with being exposed to and then developing high performing teams.

In our first interview we covered a huge amount of ground but we didn’t get a chance to cover this specific topic so I invited Dom back on to talk about why High Performing Teams are so important and how you can develop one in your business, practice area or project team

In today’s episode we go in to detail on why high performing teams are critical to your success. We discuss the academic research that Dom conducted that proves this out as well as how you can develop your own high performing team utilising Dom’s Team to Tribe Model.

Following this we pick up on some of the questions that you sent in for Dom to answer including Dom’s advice to his 30 year old self, which may not be quite what you expected and what Dom’s morning routine looks like among other great questions

You can find out more about Dom on his Linked In page – www.linkedin.com/in/dom-moorhouse-2abb6a/  and his personal website www.DomMoorhouse.com

Specific things we discuss in the show:

Method Grid – www.methodgrid.com

Dom’s research in to High Performing Teams (if you want the original, academic focused paper please reach out to Dom directly) – https://methodgrid.com/blog/what-motivates-employees/

5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick  Lencioni – http://amzn.eu/cdyZSVL

Authentic Leadership by Robert Terry – http://amzn.eu/gbfs4hQ

Courage and Other Broadcasts by William Slim – http://amzn.eu/4Xfo091  

McKinsey T Shaped Consultant – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-shaped_skills

Dom’s Morning Routines blog – https://methodgrid.com/blog/09-seven-wakeful-practices-of-dangerous-entrepreneurs/  

Day One App – http://dayoneapp.com/

What we talk about:

00:02:25 – What Dom’s been up to since our last interview including the latest news on Method Grid

00:07:13 – Intro to High Performing Teams

00:10:30 – The background toon Dom’s research on High Performing Teams and the surprise findings from it

00:26:27 – How you can develop a high performing team utilising Dom’s ‘Team to Tribe’ model

00:47:15 – How you can use the ‘Team to Tribe’ model in your project team

00:52:30 – The final elements of the ‘Team to Tribe’ model to enable your firm, practice or team reach the top

01:04:40 – How to apply the ‘Team to Tribe’ model whether you’re an introvert or extrovert

01:07:20 – Dom’s book recommendations around leadership and building High Performing Teams

01:10:10 – Listeners Questions – Dom’s advice to his 30 year old self

01:12:18 – Listeners Questions – Dom’s guidance on how to keep time and freedom for spontaneity while following your ‘life plan’

01:16:26 – Listeners Questions – Should you focus on being a specialist or a generalist when going out on your own as an entrepreneur

01:19:00 – Listeners Questions – Dom’s Morning Routine!

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