Great Digital Marketing needs a great team to deliver it. We’ve assembled a team of A players to help you create effective Digital Marketing that delivers results.

Nick Synnott.jpg

Nick Synnott - Digital Marketing Director

Nick heads up Create Engage. He helps clients define their unique point of difference and shape their marketing message to engage their target clients and generate leads.

Having been a Consultant himself, Nick has first hand experience of the challenges that Consulting firms face when it comes to reaching the decision makers and buyers in the organisations they want to work with.

This experience coupled with his hands on knowledge of Digital Marketing tools such as podcasts and videos gives him a unique perspective on the marketing challenges Consulting firms face and the best ways to solve them.


Gordon Barker - Head of editing and production

Gordon is our audiovisual genius and leads the editing and post production for our clients’ audio and video content.

With his editing wizardry he is able to turn even simple, iPhone recorded content in to professional quality podcasts and videos for our clients to use in their marketing.

If you want to see an example of some of Gordon’s great work then check out Nick’s podcast - - to hear what Gordon can do!

Andrew Lynch.jpeg

Andrew Lynch - Head Content WRiter

Andrew turns our clients’ ideas, thoughts and bullet point lists in to compelling copy that resonates with their audience.

His rare mix of copy writing skills and professional services experience gives him a unique understanding of our clients’ challenges, objectives and content ideas which he is able to skilfully translates in to engaging blogs, social content and web copy.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the quality of a ghost written blog or thought piece you’ve received from an external agency then lets us show you what it should look like.