Its been an action-packed year for us, so wed like to give a big thanks to you for your continued support. It means a lot.

As we plunge into another year, we thought it would be rude not to dive into some top-tier articles to help you get your marketing ducks in a row in 2024. Theyll come in handy as you start focusing on your marketing plans for the year ahead!

1. Read: Why Content Marketing is the Key for B2B Marketeers READ NOW

While we often hear stories about brands tightening their belts with their content marketing budgets, the B2B landscape is going against the grain.

This might surprise you, but a whopping 46% of B2B companies plan on increasing their content marketing spend within the next 12 months, which definitely gives a more positive picture than some of the headlines lead us to believe!

So if you want to double down on your content marketing in 2024, Id recommend reading this insightful article from CXO Today, which features some great tips on storytelling, thought leadership and effective content formats.

2. Read: The Digital Evolution Of B2B Marketing READ NOW

Are you paying attention to all your customer touchpoints?

New research shows that by 2025, 80% of all B2B transactions will take place online, while around 73% of B2B buyers now expect to engage with brands through multiple channels during their purchase journey.

This paradigm shift requires organisations that have previously relied on traditional, face-to-face interactions, to revamp their digital strategies and optimise every step of their online customer journey.

If your firm is looking to deliver attention-grabbing digital experiences and outstanding omnichannel marketing in 2024, take a look at this article on, which outlines exactly what you need to know to meet the sophisticated demands of the modern B2B buyer.

3. Read: 4 Key Performance Marketing Metrics to TrackREAD NOW

Is your consultancy in the habit of using performance marketing metrics?

Its something we really prioritise at Create Engage, as they focus on efficiency rather than just spend. This means you can track the ROI of your marketing efforts and continue to test, adapt and improve.

This guide from LinkedIn not only spells out the full benefits of Performance Marketing Metrics, but also outlines the four most important metrics to monitor, with tips on when and how to use them properly.

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