This week’s insights tap into one key marketing area that offers a multitude of opportunities: podcasting.

We know we talk about podcasting a lot at Create Engage, but that’s because we come across so many consultancies that are interested, but not sure how to get started. They’re missing out on humanising their brand and building relationships with target clients.

As we begin a new year, now’s as good a time as any to get that podcast off the ground. And we’ve got a few articles and listens up my sleeve to convince you!

1. Read: Branded Podcasts: How They Can Help to Build B2B Brands READ NOW

Did you know that podcasting is the fastest-growing digital channel in terms of ad spend?

It’s pretty clear that the podcasting phenomenon is here to stay, but it can sometimes be a little tricky to measure the impact of podcasts in the B2B sphere. This is where the Marketing Scientist Group comes in.

This fascinating article tracks the progress of a comprehensive Marketing Scientist Group study, which focuses on learning more about B2B podcast usage behaviour.

2. Listen: Climb in Consulting Episode: Episode 137 LISTEN NOW

Before you set up your podcast, it can be helpful to take inspiration from some of the best and brightest consultancy podcasts around. So naturally, we wanted to turn your attention to our latest episode of Climb in Consulting!

In this edition, we sit down with Graeme Curwen, Co-Founder and CEO of Enfuse Group, who built his consultancy from a chance meeting on New Year’s Eve. He discusses the roadmap that helped him deliver his 10-year plan, along with the five growth areas that can take a consultancy to the next level.

3. Read: Unleashing the Power of B2B Podcasting: A Comprehensive Guide for BusinessesREAD NOW

If we’ve convinced you to kick off your 2024 by creating your very own podcast, then give this article a read!

This insightful article reflects some of our own experiences and learnings from all the work that goes into a new podcast, and covers everything from initial planning to advanced marketing strategies.

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