It can often take time to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas break, so this week we wanted to bring you some great resources to help get your brain ticking.

Whether you’re after some top-tier consulting advice or you’re keen to utilise new marketing techniques and tools, you’ll be spoilt for choice in this week’s newsletter.

Here are our top picks.

1. Listen: Brand and Deliver: Growing Your Consulting Firm with Marketing LISTEN NOW

In need of a go-to resource for ROI-focused marketing strategies? Look no further!

After lots of work behind the scenes, we’re beyond excited to launch our new podcast, Brand and Deliver. And it only seemed right to feature a very special guest for our first episode.

Alex and Dan sit down with Professor Joe O’Mahoney, who is the leading authority on the growth of boutique and small consulting firms. With two decades of experience and groundbreaking research under his belt, Joe offers plenty of advice on unlocking your consultancy’s potential, and why you need to pay attention to personal branding and AI in the year ahead.

2. Read: 5 Easy Ways To Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn READ NOW

While we’re on the subject of personal branding – have you thought about switching up your LinkedIn profile for the new year ahead?

In 2023, we gave personal branding a shot and it was really interesting to see the results! It’s a task that often gets pushed down the priority list, but we’ll be making it a priority in 2024. This handy article from Forbes digs down into the five ways you can start building your personal brand on LinkedIn, helping you harness your profile’s potential.

If you’re not generating traction from the right people or building authority, it might be time to give your profile an overhaul!

3. Read: Experts Discuss Evolving Role of Generative AI in MarketingREAD NOW

One more from us before we go!

AI is definitely here to stay in 2024, but its role is continuing to shift.

While the novelty of producing content with a few clicks of a button hasn’t worn off, a lot of marketers are having to think more carefully about the false information and harmful human biases that can come with it. So The Drum decided to get some forward-thinking marketers for a virtual roundtable on AI.

This fascinating article dives into the key takeaways from this roundtable discussion, with a focus on the benefits and implications of using AI in 2024 and beyond.

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