What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘disruptive’?

It might feel like another case of buzzword bingo, but at a time when firms face more pressure than ever to stand out from the crowd, being disruptive is the way forward.

While many consultancies have used the same approaches for decades, those who are daring to be different are reaping the rewards of employee engagement and untapped ROI. It’s about embracing new structures and marketing tactics, which require out-of-the-box thinking and a dash of creativity.

So if you’re looking to cut through the noise in 2024, here are our three top picks to help you get the ball rolling.

1. Listen: Climb in Consulting: Zero Targets, 100% Happy: The Consultancy That’s Breaking The Business Mould, with Simon Dixon LISTEN NOW

Have you ever come across a consultancy that has no promotions or grades?

While many organisations claim to be disruptive, Simon Dixon, Founder and CEO of Hatmill, is breaking the mould in style. There are no grades, no managers, no sales targets and no KPIs. The result of this? 100% of its employees said it was a great place to work.

In the latest episode of Climb in Consulting, Nick sits down with Simon to learn more about how Hatmill is managed (or rather, self-managed), and why it was important for him to do away with traditional structures and policies.

2. Read: This Is the Unconventional Marketing Tactic Small Businesses Need to Try READ NOW

Guerrilla marketing might not be something your consultancy has considered before. And we get it. This approach relies on unconventional tactics to drive exposure, which might seem a little risky. But it’s easier to pull off than you might think.

For example, instead of wasting thousands on sponsoring conferences, how about hiring the bar right next to the conference and hosting your own pop-up party? Huge differentiation, much cheaper to execute – and it could give you tons of content for your marketing too!!

This handy article looks at guerilla marketing in more detail, with a focus on the benefits and the best strategies to implement.

3. Read: How to Get the Most Out of LinkedInRead Now

Earlier this month, Nick Synnott hosted a private webinar for The Consultancy Growth Network all about how to get the most out of LinkedIn. While we can’t share that (unless you join 😉) we wanted to share something that will help you get more creative with your LinkedIn activities.

This comprehensive guide from Social Media Examiner takes you through the ways you can get more value from your LinkedIn, helping you build engagement, authority and genuine connections.

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