When was the last time you thought about your marketing’s purpose?

All too often, consultancies go through the motions with marketing. They pick strategies and techniques they’re familiar with – without stopping to think about the purpose of their marketing, or whether that purpose may have changed over time.

So with this in mind, we want to take you through three great resources that will help you bring a more purposeful approach to marketing, which should stand you in good stead for 2024.

Let’s dive in.

1. Brand and Deliver: What I’ve Learned From Scaling a Marketing Function in a Boutique Consultancy – With Kevin Matthews LISTEN NOW

If you’re looking to build out your marketing function in 2024, this is something you’ll want to tune into.

For our latest episode of Brand and Deliver, I sat down with Kevin Matthews, Global Head of Marketing at Deminor, to discuss how he scaled Deminor’s marketing function from the ground up, what he’s learned along the way, and his top tips for others aiming to do the same.

He also has some great advice on the power of listening, and how your consultancy can pivot when things don’t quite go to plan.

2. Read: Your LinkedIn Strategy for 2024 – Beat the LinkedIn Algorithm READ NOW

While some ‘influencers’ may tell you otherwise, beating the LinkedIn algorithm isn’t always easy.

With new updates for 2024, LinkedIn’s algorithm is now based on connecting users with only the most relevant expertise and high-quality content, which means you’ll need to be audience-centric and consistent with your posting.

This comprehensive article from LinkedIn digs down into the best ways you can leverage the LinkedIn algorithm to boost engagement, and shares plenty of tips, tricks and advice on winning followers and increasing visibility.

3. Read: How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually ReadRead Now

Email newsletters are a popular choice for consultancies these days. And I get it. Who wouldn’t want to stay at the top of a target client’s mind?

But there’s one trap that firms can fall into; they fail to figure out the overall purpose of their newsletter, or what kind of value it should bring to the reader.

If you’re looking to launch a new newsletter or improve your current one, this guide from HubSpot will take you through the ins and outs of creating the perfect email newsletter, with a focus on subject lines, CTAs and continuous testing.

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