Sometimes it’s a good idea to think outside the box – especially when it comes to marketing.

All too often, consultancies can end up following the same trends as everyone else, without considering whether those trends will deliver the results they want. Plus, trends can prevent further growth by distracting you from zeroing in on the marketing basics that propel you towards your goals.

So if you’re floating the idea of re-assessing your marketing strategy and approach, we’ve got some great sources that will give you plenty of food for thought.

1. Listen: Climb in Consulting: Doing Data Differently: From Freelancer to Founder, with Anush Newman LISTEN NOW

Is your consultancy comfortable challenging the norm?

Whatever your immediate thought or considered answer may be, it continues to be valuable to learn from other leaders in the field, and that’s precisely what our latest Climb in Consulting episode is all about!

Nick chats with Anush Newman, Managing Director at JMAN Group, who shares his experiences in taking risks early in his career, and how breaking a client’s Excel spreadsheet led to a lightbulb moment that led him to start his business.

If you’re after some top-tier advice on expanding your consultancy’s horizons through both successes and mistakes, this is a solid place to start.

2. Read: The Value of Differentiation Will Only Increase as More Brands Follow the AI Herd READ NOW

Speaking of challenging the norms -here’s something you might not see trending on social platforms.

Unless you’ve been living off-grid, you’ll be aware that AI is everywhere right now. But, as with all trends, it pays to be careful. Before you go all in, you need to establish what value AI might or might not add to your consultancy’s marketing strategy. 

The domination of trends, including AI, often distracts from fundamental marketing pillars and creates a rush to incorporate said trends into marketing without setting clear goals or seeing if it even aligns with your strategic direction. This pattern of behaviour is often driven by a fear of appearing outdated, and while digital marketing especially is shaped by ever-evolving ideas and creations, the best action you can take for your marketing is to keep your eyes on the prize: the results you want and your strategy to deliver them.

This thoughtful piece from Marketing Week discusses this perspective in more detail, and focuses on the need for differentiation and value when considering which tech trends to latch onto and which to let pass by.

3. Read: How to Build Your Target Client Profile READ NOW

With new trends popping up and familiar ones re-emerging, it can be tricky to know which ones fit with your strategy. It’s worth remembering that any decision about what to include or exclude from your strategy will include differing factors from trend to trend. That said, the centre of your considerations will always stay the same – your target client profiles! 

You might think you already know who your target clients are, but it’s super important to get specific to truly understand what makes them tick. 

Once you have a thorough understanding of your audience, there are tried-and-tested strategies and methods to help you be heard by them through all the shifts and trends in the marketing world.

Our straight-forward article offers helpful starting points for building a detailed target client profile, including top tips on what to do after you’ve created your first avatar.

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