A new year is a great time to freshen up your marketing, and offers plenty of opportunities for continuous learning. We’re not saying you need to start throwing out the marketing rule book or take intensive and expensive courses, but it’s definitely a good idea to think about what you can do differently in the year ahead.

So if you want to develop and improve your marketing to reach your goals, then we’ve got some great reads up our sleeve for you.

1. Read: Why Performance Branding Is at the Frontier of B2B Marketing – READ NOW

Ok, so we know lead generation is generally seen as the ultimate goal. But as the B2B sales funnel gets more complex than ever, a more balanced approach can result in longer-term success. And this is where performance branding comes in.

Performance branding combines both performance marketing and brand building to ensure clients progress throughout their journey. But it requires multiple strategies, so you’ll need to master both a creative and analytical approach.

This handy piece from The Drum provides a comprehensive guide to performance branding, along with some recent use cases that embrace this full-funnel tactic.

2. Read: Why TikTok Went Into ‘Professional Mode’ to Win B2B Hearts – READ NOW

TikTok isn’t for B2B, right? Well, think again!

While it’s typically seen as the home of viral videos and Gen Z trendsetting, TikTok’s been keen to persuade B2B businesses that the platform is for performance marketing too.

It might not have LinkedIn quaking in its boots just yet, but this clever campaign has so far encouraged more than 400 performance marketers to opt-in for TikTok for Business marcomms.

You can read about this campaign in this article from Marketing Week, which gives you all the details.

3. Read: 4 Ways B2B Brands Will Differentiate Themselves In 2024 – READ NOW

If you want to get ahead with the most cutting-edge marketing strategies for 2024, then this is the article for you.

We know that consultancies have faced endless marketing changes in the past few years – and the year ahead seems to be following a similar vein. So it’s a great idea to start thinking out of the box to help you engage those target clients like never before.

This article from Forbes is packed with fresh tactics for your marketing, with a focus on technology and choice.

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