While it’s crucial to follow marketing best practices, it’s equally important to pay attention to trends and pop culture. Why? Because they can impact the consulting space in more ways than you might think!

So to switch things up, this week’s insights focus on what’s going on in the world right now, and how this can apply to consulting.

Here are our top picks.

1. Read: ‘We absolutely lost our way’: M&S’s marketing director on finding its ‘sweet spot’ READ NOW

One thing that really isn’t talked about enough is that marketing comes with setbacks. Just look at M&S.

Marks and Spencer have had to overcome a lot of barriers, but they’ve remained persistent. In their latest move, they’ve now realigned their values to focus on ‘style, quality and value’ to find a path to stable growth.

If we apply this to consulting, a focus on your key areas will allow you to build the brand presence you need to stay visible and relevant. And this article will help you take some valuable lessons from M&S to do just that!

2. Read: News articles shared on Twitter will no longer display headlines – Elon Musk thinks it will ‘improve aesthetics’ READ NOW

Is it worth losing valuable parts of marketing for the sake of aesthetics? Well, Elon Musk seems to think so.

In a bold new move, X (aka Twitter) has stopped displaying headlines for articles. Links now appear as featured images with the domain name, which means users will need to click the link if they want any information on the article in question, this could result in losing the potential to engage readers quickly through a headline.

You can read about this in more detail in the article above, which outlines the full list of implications.

3. Read: ‘I do a lot of internal influencing’: B2B marketers on how to get brand investment READ NOW

In consulting the sales process is much slower and as such trust is even more important. It is often forgotten that you’re still selling to humans, so you need to make sure that you’re connecting with your audience on a meaningful level.

However, a lot of senior leaders just aren’t on board with the idea of brand building – which requires marketers to step up their internal influencing skills.

This article from Marketing Week dives into the ins and outs of getting brand investment from leaders, and includes some first-hand experiences from those who have advocated for change.

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