If you’re looking to boost your marketing strategy in 2024, a podcast might be your answer.

We understand that it might feel like a lot of work for you or your team, or that you may not know how to get started. But the business benefits of launching your own series are undeniable; it’s your opportunity to raise awareness of your consultancy, generate meaningful leads, and have proper conversations with your target clients.

We’ve been running our podcast for years now, and we’ve helped plenty of firms shape, launch and manage their series. But if you’re still not convinced, then read on…

1. Read: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Podcasts For B2B Marketing – READ NOW

If you want a solid case for getting started with podcasts, look no further. Not only can podcasts increase brand awareness and regularly display your knowledge and thought-leadership, but they also help you foster loyalty and community amongst your listeners.

In this article, LinkedIn outlines the benefits that podcasting offers, and highlights how launching your own series can help grow your business and improve your marketing activity.

2. Listen: Climb in Consulting Episode 134: Changing Tracks: How One Train Journey Changed The Course of a Career, with Paul PughLISTEN NOW

Talking of podcasts, we’ve just launched a couple of new Climb In Consulting episodes. In this installment, Nick is joined by Paul Pugh, CEO of Mason Advisory, to discuss the importance of giving people the chance to flourish, and why we tend to learn the most during times of crisis.

Paul’s story is certainly inspiring and dare we say it – cinematic – and it’s packed full of valuable lessons and insight for anybody just starting out in their consulting career, planning to start a new firm, or thinking of switching tracks in their career.

3. Listen: Episode 135: Mental Health, Impostor Syndrome and Making Partner, with Chris Southwell – LISTEN NOW

One more from us before we finish. And it’s another CiC episode – this time with Chris Southwell, Partner at The Berkeley Partnership. In this conversation with Nick Synnott, Chris discusses a topic very close to his heart – mental health and wellbeing.

We all know that consultancies can face complexities, challenges and high-stakes circumstances, which is why it’s all the more important to normalise mental health and remove taboos surrounding it. Chris offers some great insights into the ways you can protect your health and wellbeing, and why talking therapies can be recommended for everyone.

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