Itโ€™s one of those topics that can be awkward and, dare we say, cringey for consultants, but establishing a personal brand is crucial โ€“ for both you and your consultancy.

Not only does it highlight the fantastic work you and your team are doing, but it also helps humanise consulting while raising brand awareness for the company youโ€™re working for. Itโ€™s a win-win.

So to make this process less daunting, we’re on hand with three great reads to help you quickly become a pro at personal branding โ€“ without giving up your authenticity.

1. Read: Personal Branding: Improving B2B Client Acquisition โ€“ READ NOW

In the B2B sphere, personal branding has revolutionised the way professionals gain clients. This is why itโ€™s important to show your personality online, as itโ€™ll help you stand out from the crowd and build the right connections.

However, many consultants feel like this is a daunting task โ€“ and this is where great content from your agency can help. Not only is this form of content perfect for resharing and repurposing, but it also allows you to share your own insights, and add value to conversations instead of contributing to the noise.

Learn the fundamentals of personal branding in this insightful LinkedIn guide, which is packed with easy-to-follow tips to help you get started.

2. Read: How to Tap Into the Power of Employee Amplification โ€“ READ NOW

Every consultancy will want to amplify its marketing messages. But many can overlook the most powerful asset โ€“ its people.

When you consider that individual employees have ten times more followers than company pages, it makes perfect sense to encourage your team to share company content within their own networks. If consultants are highlighting their finest moments and sharing their industry expertise, and thatโ€™s happening when they work for your consultancy, then everybodyโ€™s a winner!

This article deep dives into why consultancies should be encouraging their employees to develop their personal brands, with a focus on value and killer content.

3. Read: Digital Community Building: Strategies for Meaningful Connections in the Digital Age โ€“ READ NOW

Last but not least, we’re keen to share with you this great read from LinkedIn on the power of community building, which is a powerful technique for nurturing meaningful relationships, boosting brand loyalty and driving sustainable growth.

Creating meaningful connections and providing value without anything in return is vital to presenting yourself and your business as a thought leader within your niche. It shows authenticity, and helps build a sense of trust with your network.

This article provides some useful tips on how to build an online community โ€“ an important asset for both businesses and individual consultants.

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