It’s the first weekend of December…

We’re not quite sure how we’ve made it to this time of year already, but it promises to be busy, even as we start the process of winding down for the Christmas break.

So to keep things suitably on theme, this week’s newsletter is a balance of some more serious articles with a dash of festive spirit.

Happy reading!

1. Read: Three Ways Brand Building Is Similar to Compound Interest – READ NOW

Have you ever thought about the similarities between brand building and compound interest?

We suspect your answer will be no – which is why this article will definitely give you some food for thought!

When you start adding a bit of interest to a sum of capital, you’re adding value over time, both to the original capital as well as compounding all the interest previously accumulated. This works in the same way as brand building, which adds long-term value, enhances business impact, and gets better with commitment.

This piece from Marketing Week explores these similarities in more detail, and uses the latest and greatest Christmas ads as brand building examples.

2. Read: Marketing Emails vs Newsletters: What’s the Difference? – READ NOW

While they differ in formatting and word count, marketing emails and newsletters also differ in purpose too. Marketing emails help you sell a product or service, but newsletters focus on value-added content that keeps your audience fully engaged.

This helpful guide from Digital Doughnut lays out all the key differences, which should help your consultancy build authority while driving that all-important ROI.

3. Read: All the Best Christmas 2023 Ads in One Place – READ NOW

A nice light read before we go.

Whether you love it or loathe it, Christmas is well and truly on the way – and those carefully curated festive ads are out in full force.

The visions are bolder, the budgets are bigger, and Creativepool is on hand with a round-up of this year’s best. You’ll find all the usual suspects on this list, including Asda, Marks & Spencer and Lidl.

If you’re in the mood, you can watch all the ads in one go for those cosy Christmas feels!

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