When it comes to investing in social media platforms, LinkedIn should be your top priority. It’s not just a channel for posting articles and connecting with people you met at that conference last year. It’s so much more powerful than that, and plays a huge role in the B2B decision-making process.

So how can you use LinkedIn to find, engage and convert prospective clients? The articles in this week’s newsletter are a handy start ⬇

1. Read: 9 Little-Known Ways to Find New Prospects on LinkedIn – READ NOW

If you’re exhausting your usual tactics for finding prospects on LinkedIn, then this guide is for you.

While searching for prospects and narrowing results by industry, company and location are all well and good, you’ll need to start thinking beyond the basics if you want to keep filling your pipelines.

In this article, HubSpot takes you through some fresh new ideas for LinkedIn sales prospecting, including some non-traditional hacks that will help you create a perfectly customised pitch. You’ll find tips on investigating your competitor’s networks, as well as insights into browsing users who have interacted with your posts.

2. Why LinkedIn Groups Can Be Great for Businesses (and How to Create a Successful One) – READ NOW

As with most social networks, the most authentic interactions and connections are being built in smaller groups and closed spaces. And LinkedIn Groups is the best around, as it offers huge potential for your consultancy to build relationships with your target client. 

By creating and nurturing a community around a specific topic or interest, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded professionals to find new leads, share ideas, and collaborate with others. So how exactly should you get started exactly?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about LinkedIn Groups, and guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up a successful space.

3. Read: 20 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile in 2023 – READ NOW

Be honest – is your LinkedIn profile as good as it could be? If you’ve answered no, then it might be time to make some changes.

While many of us might not have the time to prioritise updating our profiles or feel comfortable with selling ourselves, it means you may be missing out on those all important new leads. The most effective digital thought leaders are those who have built their personal LinkedIn brand, resulting in higher reach and engagement for your firm.

In this handy guide, you’ll find 20 easy-to-implement steps to improving your personal brand, which will help you and your team grow your networks with ease.

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