Christmas still feels a long way off, and the nights are drawing in fast. So that’s why this week’s article is filled with interesting and actionable tips to keep you busy during the long winter days!

We’ve been reading a lot about writing lately, and we think these articles are going to provide you with some top-tier advice to boost your consultancies’ marketing. Take a look, and let us know what you think…

1. Read: Boosting Your Profile Using LinkedIn Collaborative Articles –READ NOW

We often get questions from clients about collaborative articles – and we think they’re definitely a good thing to get involved in.

Not only will they raise your LinkedIn profile, but they’ll also provide you with a means to share your coveted insights and knowledge. A word of caution though: LinkedIn will use this as an excuse to get you to engage with their platform more and more!

This handy article will talk you through the process of collaborative articles, and how it helps you position yourself as a reputable source.

2. Read: How to Tap Into the Power of Employee Amplification – READ NOW

Let’s face it – every consultancy out there would probably like a few more eyes on their blog posts.

So how can you step up your game to make your blog posts a surefire hit?

This article cleverly digs down into the different types of blogs you can craft, and explains them in a simple, straightforward way. You don’t need to rush into using all of them though – just select the ones that closely align with your user journey!

3. Read: Digital Community Building: Strategies for Meaningful Connections in the Digital Age – READ NOW

This is something that we discuss with our clients a LOT. We always recommend that they send emails from Tuesday to Thursday between 9am and 12pm – and this comprehensive article says the exact same thing.

After carrying out a ton of heavy research, HubSpot nails down the perfect time to send those B2B emails, and shares some great advice on why your email marketing needs to be prioritised. There are even some tips on measuring the performance of your email sends, which is very useful indeed.

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