How You Can Create More Content Quickly And Easily

A large part of digital marketing is the creation of content. You need regular, well written content in various formats that appeals to your target clients. The problem comes when you’re trying to create content alongside your 10 or 12-hour day. It’s at this point you’ll probably start to ask: how can I keep producing good content?

It’s a good question and one we get asked a lot. The answer is prioritising the creation of timeless, evergreen content.

How to make the most of your evergreen content

The great thing about creating evergreen content is that it opens up the possibilities of content repurposing – creating multiple content options from just one event.

Your event could be a webinar or a podcast, it could even be a blog post on a topic that remains relevant. The key here is turning this event into a number of different content types.

To help explain this more, let’s take the example of a webinar.

Your evergreen webinar

You promoted your webinar through your digital marketing channels, you got a good attendance and you received good engagement with lots of questions.

You’ve no doubt heard these questions before – each time you present on the topic, new and existing clients have the same challenges – this makes the webinar topic perfect evergreen content as it likely covers some key areas of interest for your clients. 

So how do you take this webinar and repurpose it to produce more content?

Here are 5 options:

      1. You can promote the webinar as watch on-demand through your chosen social media channels. This can simply be done by creating a post that includes a link to the recorded webinar. Straight away that’s two uses for the same content: once to promote the original live event and now a reminder for those who missed out.


  1. You can also email the watch on-demand link to clients who you know couldn’t make it – giving you an authentic reason to get in touch with them.

  3. You have the option to create audiograms. If you’ve not heard of these before, they are short audio clips on a certain subject or area of interest. If your webinar (or podcast) covers more than one topic or is over an hour in length, you’ll probably have the opportunity to make at least two or three audiograms. An audiogram shouldn’t be more than 3 mins in length and you’ll need to add closed captions (subtitles) to the accompanying image. These play automatically in the social platform feed and you can write a supporting post to accompany it. This takes us to 5 pieces of content from the original webinar.

  5. Find a great quote. You may have more than one, but you’ll definitely be able to find a great quote from the webinar that you can turn into an image. Quotes are great as they are attention grabbing and short – the perfect social media post. A good rule to stick by is finding a quote that’s no more than 25 words.   

  7. Write a blog post about your webinar topic. Or better still – if you cover multiple topic areas, you can write more than one. Simply download a transcript from your webinar platform or run the recording through an AI app and you can edit this into a suitable piece of written content for your website.

So, from just one webinar you have the potential to generate at least 8 more pieces of content to share across your marketing channels.

The benefit of doing this is twofold: each content type will appeal to different audiences and presenting the content in different formats will please those who like to consume content in alternative ways.

If you want to develop a Digital Marketing strategy that drives results for your Consulting firm, feel free to get in touch – we’d love to talk to you!

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